The Assumption of the
Virgin Mary

August 2020

Summer 2020 has arrived. It had to be an important year and it has been! After the circumstances derived from the coronavirus, we must to reflect and to consider many things to return to the supposed normality: Should the holiday continue? Can we stop? Do we want to stop? What have we learned from all this? At this time, people who be guided by faith will see a reason to continue the tradition in the religious celebrations. We take care of the heritage, it is our responsibility, and we must rise to the occasion and encourage the population to make everyday life as safe as possible and to come back to the normal course of reality again. Today, this is only possible by following sanitary security protocols in the use of spaces and movable property and in responsible participation in popular calls. In Mallorca, we cannot conceive an August without its quintessential festival: the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Basils and belvederes will help us to protect the images, this year with more intensity. Promotion is one of our principles. Dissemination, too. For this reason, this year on our website we open a section for the Consell de Mallorca catalogue that includes the artworks of the Dormition monuments. The technical datasheets contain information obtained from the research and we will complete it until the totality of those that we know at present, a compilation of material and intangible heritage. Information, promotion, preventive conservation and now research and dissemination. Happy summer!

Kika Coll
Insular director for Heritage of the Consell de Mallorca

The health emergency caused by coronavirus obliges to follow some security measures to visit the Virgin’s monuments: disinfect your hands at the entrance to the churches, wear a mask, avoid the concentration of people, keep the distance between people and do not touch any sculpture or other artworks. Other provisions of the authorities and of the persons in charge of the exhibition of Marian monuments must also be complied.

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Exhibition of the beds of the Virgin Mary


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