The Assumption of the
Virgin Mary

August 2018

Summer after summer, we prepare for the celebrations of the festive, popular and religious calendar. One of the most anticipated is the holy day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. For some people, it is related to the agrarian cycle and the collection of fruits; for others, it is part of the liturgical year with a special devotion to the figure of the Virgin Mary. And, perhaps, for some other people, it is also time to visit the churches where each of the images is the center of a diferent scene: angels, crowns, capes, beds... After all, we are before the homage of an exceptional woman with a important artistic side. The material and the immaterial come together to build part of our identity. With it, we make a living heritage.

Kika Coll
Insular director for Heritage of the Consell de Mallorca

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Exhibition of the beds of the Virgin Mary


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